I am an Australian-Indian author and freelance writer based in Sydney.

My first novel, Friends & Dark Shapes, will be published by Europa Editions (USA), Text Publishing (AUS) and Edizioni E/O (Italy) in 2021.



I am a writer with a background working in journalism, anthropology and literature. I am the 2020/21  Westwords Writer in Residence at The Writing and Society Research Centre at Western Sydney University. My writing has appeared in Guernica, the The Guardian and Griffith Review, and I was 2018 Churchill Fellow exploring migrant narratives. I teach yoga and work in media and global studies in Sydney. 

My first novel, Friends & Dark Shapes, will be published in 2021 by Europa Editions (US), Text Publishing (AUS) and Edizioni E/O (Italy).

I am represented by Mary Krienke at Sterling Lord Literistic Agency, New York, USA. 


I often give talks to high school students and guest lecture to both undergraduate and postgraduate level students in anthropology, global studies and creative writing.


I have been on panels and delivered talks for The Commonwealth Secretariat UK ( Fiji), YouTube Creators for Change,  The Sydney Writers Festival, State Government, National Young Writers Festival, Newtown Festival, The Walkley Foundation's Storyology conference.


2020/21 Westwords Western Sydney Writer in Residence at The Writing and Society Research Centre at Western Sydney University

2018 Churchill Fellowship in Europe 

2016 Australia Council for the Arts Development Grant  for novel writing residency at San Miguel Poetry Festival, and Under the Volcano Fiction Writing, Mexico 

2015 Walkley Foundation Women in Media Mentorship

2015 Multicultural NSW Unity Grant

2015 YEN Magazine Short Story Prize Finalist

2014 Scanlon Foundation Grant
2013 Australia Council for the Arts Grant
2013 Westwords
Under 30 Western Sydney Writers’ Fellowship


2012 Macquarie University Anthropology Department Prize for ethnography

2012 Editors' Choice prize in the University of New South Wales Tharunka, Non-Fiction Writing Competition

2009 Winner of The Waverley Words Literary Festival Fiction Prize

2007 The Charles Sturt Foundation, Ron Camplin Academic Major Scholarship for Contribution to Media

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Friends &

Dark Shapes

A group of friends moves into a share house in Redfern. They are all on the cusp of thirty and big life changes, navigating insecure employment and housing, second-generation identity, online dating and social alienation—and one of them, our narrator, has just lost her father.
How do you inhabit a space where the landscape is shifting around you, when your sense of self is unravelling? What meaning does time have in the midst of grief?




Text publishing




United states

april 2021

europa editions


“Friends and Dark Shapes is a tender look at the myriad ways that a body can hold grief. Kavita Bedford writes lyrically and longingly, imbuing sweetness and darkness throughout. It was a genuine pleasure to read this book; I felt as though I were sitting with a close friend, whispering to each other, sharing close-kept secrets. It made me rethink how loneliness can manifest; how we sometimes hurt ourselves and each other. Friends and Dark Shapes is a real delight and Kavita Bedford is a true talent.”

—Kristen Arnett, author of Mostly Dead Things

“Astonishingly assured and full of razor sharp observations about what it means to live precariously in a changing city. It’s hard to believe this is Bedford’s first novel.”

—Jenny Offill, author of Dept. of Speculation and Weather

“Such a vivid geography: this is a work of smart intensities, witty sorrow and wise coming-to-terms with grief. Astute, wry and beautifully tender.”

—Gail Jones, author of Five Bells

“Friends and Dark Shapes smells and feels and tastes like Sydney, like grief, like the limbo and the lucidity of your twenties. Bedford’s poetic yet sparse, fearless yet gentle prose makes this a book to be savoured.”


—Laura McPhee-Browne, author of Cherry Beach

“An achingly relatable, thought-provoking and compelling debut, full of gorgeous sentences that stopped me in my tracks.”

—Ewa Ramsey, author of The Morbids

“Kavita Bedford gives the gift of brighter eyes. Her prose is sparse yet jewelled, a desert of out-of-the-blue opals and oases.”


—Vivian Pham, author of The Coconut Children



My major themes of exploration dwell on place—drawing on how the organization of space and architecture are connected with the politics and lived experience of place and urban experience—and the perspective of the ‘outsider’ and migrant voices in literature. 


Former Editor and journalist for The Point Magazine, a community-based and youth-focused digital publication that looks at countering violent extremism and the impact of international events on local multicultural groups in Australia.

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Creative Producer for a storytelling project dedicated to celebrating stories from Western Sydney. These are people with diverse stories to tell. Despite this, sensationalist tales have dominated the media headlines have been of high crime rates, violence, and religious extremism. 

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"And did you get what you wanted from this life, even so?
I did
And what did you want?

to call myself beloved,
to feel myself beloved on the earth"

raymond carver


(United States)






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 I write in the field of migration, countering violent extremism, and diversity.



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